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Web design Leicester – What makes a good website? In a nutshell a website that is interesting with relevant content, is continuously updated, easy to use, attracts and retains potential customers should be considered a good website.

If a visitor can get what they want as quickly as possible and with the minimum fuss then you are getting there. Try and avoid the over fussy web designer driven site which very often is not practical and does reflect your business.

Keep it simple and remember if you scan websites quickly then your website visitors are also likely to have short attention spans. If your website does not immediately tell your visitor what they want to hear then they will quickly move on.

Use whitespace, creative layout and consistent and easy on the eye fonts to get the attention your website deserves. Your website should also be easy to navigate – don’t mess with the navigation bar or move it from the obvious place where visitors expect to see it.

Ensure your home page loads quickly if it takes time to load many visitors will simply just move on.

Flesch Reading Ease Test

Content should be clear and concise, keep your sentences short and punchy. For example the copy in this post scores 61.4 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered OK to read.Many people will not read beyond the first sentence or paragraph unless it grabs their attention. Visitors just scan for the main points and then move on.

In conclusion a great design is slightly more mundane than you would imagine. The reason for this is that some of the brilliant web designs go unnoticed because they very often blur the message. A good website should tell the visitor exactly what is on offer immediately and without having to work out what’s happening. It will be a great design if you don’t get lost or irritated and get the message within 30 seconds.

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